Isuzu Truper - Isuzu Trooper
1. The maintenance instruction
   1.1. Introduction
   1.2. The panel of devices
   1.3. The ignition lock
   1.4. The combined switch
   1.5. The emergency light alarm system
   1.6. Switches of the panel of devices
   1.7. Cruise-control
   1.8. Devices and control lamps
   1.9. Control levers
   1.10. Windows and стеклоподъемники
   1.11. Salon illumination
   1.12. An electric digital watch
   1.13. Controls heating and the fan or the conditioner
   1.14. Driving
   1.15. Release of air from fuel system
   1.16. Опорожнение a water separator
   1.17. Regular checks
   1.18. Service of the air filter
   1.19. Engine oil replacement
   1.20. The block of safety locks
   1.21. Technical characteristics
2. Maintenance service
3. Engines
4. System of decrease in toxicity
5. Fuel system
6. Transmission and a running gear
7. A suspension bracket and a steering
8. Brake system
9. A body
10. A body electric equipment
11. Diagnostics of malfunctions
12. Electroschemes

Isuzu Trooper>> The maintenance instruction>> Switches of the panel of devices

1.6. Switches of the panel of devices

Light switch

Turn the switch before the first fixed position to include lay fires, back dimensional, illumination of licence plate and the panel of devices.

Headlights join if to turn the switch before the second fixed position.

The switch of adjustment of an angle of slope of headlights

0 – only the driver or the driver and the passenger

1 – all are occupied sitting

2 – all are occupied sitting and the maximum loading

3 – only the driver and the maximum loading

At the included headlights and the working engine it is necessary to adjust an angle of slope of headlights corresponding position of the switch according to car loading.

Idling regulator

After start-up of the cold engine by regulator turn clockwise it is possible to increase frequency of rotation of idling, providing fast and normal work of the engine.

At movement the regulator should be in a starting position.


Press the button to include a lighter. As soon as the lighter will be warmed up, it will jump aside back and it will be possible to take advantage of it.

The switch of back heating

At the included heating by switch turn open back дефлекторы which submit warm air.

Capacity of an air stream is regulated by two positions.

The switch of heating of back glass

At the included ignition press the top part of the switch to include heating of back glass. The control bulb on the panel of devices will light up. As soon as the review through back glass will be reached, it is recommended to switch off heating of back glass. If it remains included, it is superfluous and vain loading on the accumulator.

The switch of the yard keeper of back glass

To include the yard keeper, press the bottom part that it to switch off – on top.

Do not use the yard keeper at dry glass not to scratch glass.

Do not include system at примерзании the yard keeper since it can cause malfunctions in all system of clearing of glasses.

The system switch стеклоомывателя

If to press the top part of the switch more than for clearing of glasses on back glass the washing liquid is sprayed.

If to press the bottom part of the switch the liquid is sprayed on glass, and the yard keeper does not join.

System tank стеклоомывателя – back glass

The tank is in the left lateral wall behind a wheel niche. It is possible to fill it only with pure water and a liquid for clearing of glasses.

System of washing of headlights

By pressing the switch in the average console water or a washing liquid is sprayed on headlights.

The switch of antifog headlights

For inclusion of antifog headlights press the top part of the switch. The switch of light of headlights thus should be in a position 1 or 2. For deenergizing of antifog headlights press the bottom part of the switch.

Back antifog headlights: at the included switch of light of headlights press the top part of the switch.

Electroadjustable shock-absorbers

The three-position switch on the average console changes position of shock-absorbers.

"HARD" – rigid amortisation

"NORM" – normal amortisation

"SOFT" – low amortisation

During movement it is possible to change an amortisation mode at any moment.

If to press the switch before the ignition key will be in the family way "ON" change of a mode of amortisation will be occurs only in position "ON".

The switch of heating of forward sitting

Sitting heating can be included, if the ignition key in position "ON".

Capacity of heating can be set pressing of the top or bottom part of switch HI – high capacity, LO – low capacity.

At the included heating indicator "HI" or "LO" lights up.

For switching-off once again press the switch; to use heating of forward sitting it is possible only at the working engine.

The switch "external air / circulation in salon"

If to press the top part of the switch, fresh air outside does not arrive, there is only a circulation in salon (for fast warming up that the dust did not get).

That fresh air outside arrived, press the bottom part of the switch.

The switch of system of a fast warming up of the engine

If at the working engine the top part of the switch is pressed, the control bulb lights up. The system of a fast warming up reduces a phase of work of not heated-up engine, improves EFFICIENCY.

The system does not join, if an ambient temperature above 8 With, or the bulb thus is automatically disconnected after temperature achievement in 8 S.Kontrolnaja dies away.

If to press the bottom part of the switch, the system of a fast warming up is disconnected manually.

The prevention

When the system of a fast warming up works, accurate decrease in a dynamic characteristic is felt. In this phase the dark exhaust also is inevitable.

It is recommended to co-ordinate a dynamic characteristic with system during a warming up.

In special situations, for example, at abrupt congress from garage or at a dangerous crossroads if acceleration is necessary, it is necessary to disconnect system of a fast warming up manually.

Frequent use of system of a fast warming up is recommended.