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2. Maintenance service

2.1. The data on car identification

Body number

Identification number of the car is stamped on the tablet which is strengthened in the left top corner on a partition of a motor compartment from outside panels of devices. The tablet is visible outside of the car through a windscreen. The eighth figure specifies in engine model, and the tenth – for a year of release of the car (for example, To corresponds to 1989).

Engine number

Number location on the diesel engine

Number location on engine V6

Number of the petrol engine is beaten out in the top right part of the block of cylinders.

On engines 4ZD1 number is beaten out at the left behind on the block of cylinders.

On cars Trooper and Rodeo 1989-1995 of release were established engines V6 (6-cylinder V-shaped). Engine number is beaten out on a cover газораспределительного the mechanism.

Manual transmission number (automatic transmission)

Manual transmission or transmission number is beaten out on a lateral part картера.


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