Isuzu Truper - Isuzu Trooper
1. The maintenance instruction
2. Maintenance service
   2.1. The data on car identification
   2.2. The general data of engines
   2.3. THAT of cars Trooper/Bighorn with the diesel engine
   2.4. Instructions on leaving
      2.4.1. The air filter
      2.4.2. The fuel filter (petrol engines)
      2.4.3. The fuel filter (diesel engines)
      2.4.4. Draining of the water which have collected in fuel system of the diesel engine
      2.4.5. Compulsory system of ventilation картера (PCV-system)
      2.4.6. A tank for catching of steams of gasoline
      2.4.7. Features of check of system of catching of steams
      2.4.8. The storage battery
      2.4.9. Drive belts
      2.4.10. Cooling system
      2.4.11. A central air
      2.4.12. A screen wiper
      2.4.13. Recommended marks of fuel and oil Fuel marks Oil grades Synthetic oil Check of level of oil Oil and filter replacement
      2.4.14. Care of a manual transmission or automatic transmission
      2.4.15. Check of level of oil or a liquid
      2.4.16. Oil replacement
      2.4.17. Carter of a distributing box
      2.4.18. A reducer of the back bridge
      2.4.19. A cooling liquid
      2.4.20. The main brake cylinder
      2.4.21. The main cylinder of a hydrodrive of coupling
      2.4.22. A nutritious tank of the hydraulic booster of a wheel
      2.4.23. A reducer of the steering mechanism
      2.4.24. Running gear greasing
      2.4.25. Body greasing
      2.4.26. Greasing of the mechanism of a manual brake
      2.4.27. Greasing of draught of a drive throttle заслонки
      2.4.28. Greasing of the lever of a gear change
3. Engines
4. System of decrease in toxicity
5. Fuel system
6. Transmission and a running gear
7. A suspension bracket and a steering
8. Brake system
9. A body
10. A body electric equipment
11. Diagnostics of malfunctions
12. Electroschemes

Isuzu Trooper>> Maintenance service>> Instructions on leaving>> Recommended marks of fuel and oil>> Oil and filter replacement Oil and filter replacement

Oil should be changed through each 5000 km of run, or through an interval specified in the maintenance instruction of the car. In normal conditions the filter varies simultaneously with oil change, or every six months. It is recommended to combine filter replacement with oil change in the engine as in the filter remains about 1,0 l of the polluted oil.


1. Warm up the engine to normal working temperature, stop the engine. Lift the car and establish on a support. Turn away a drain stopper and merge oil in the substituted vessel. At отворачивании keep a stopper that oil would not begin to flow through a carving.
2. Turn on a special key the filter, wipe a place of installation of the filter pure rags.


1. Grease a sealant of the new filter with fresh oil.
2. Wrap the new filter by hand. Wrap a drain stopper of the oil pallet with the moment 27 Н.м.
3. Fill in oil through an aperture in a cover of a head of the cylinders, closed by a carving stopper. Start the engine and check up presence of leaks of oil.

The prevention

Before increase of pressure of oil the engine should idle, otherwise the engine can fail.