Isuzu Truper - Isuzu Trooper
1. The maintenance instruction
2. Maintenance service
3. Engines
   3.1. Specifications of the engine and adjusting works
   3.2. An electric equipment and major repairs of engines
      3.2.1. An electric equipment of engines
      3.2.2. Major repairs of engines Technical characteristics Instructions on service and engine repair Dismantle and installation of the power unit A cover of a head of cylinders Коромысла and platens коромысел The thermostat A soaking up collector A final collector Турбокомпрессор The conditioner A radiator The fan of system of cooling with a drive from the electric motor The pump of a cooling liquid A head of cylinders Valves and springs Pushers The oil pallet The oil pump An epiploon of a forward cover of a gear belt A chain of a drive of a camshaft and a drive asterisk A forward cover of a gear belt An epiploon of a cranked shaft A gear belt and натяжитель A gear belt and the tension mechanism A drive газораспределительного the mechanism petrol engines A drive газораспределительного the mechanism diesel engines A camshaft Camshaft bearings Pistons and rods Shatunnye bearings Assemblage of shatunno-piston group and installation on the engine Заглушки and a heater картера the engine A back epiploon of a cranked shaft A cranked shaft and radical bearings A flywheel and a gear wreath
   3.3. The diesel engine of 2,8 litres
4. System of decrease in toxicity
5. Fuel system
6. Transmission and a running gear
7. A suspension bracket and a steering
8. Brake system
9. A body
10. A body electric equipment
11. Diagnostics of malfunctions
12. Electroschemes

Isuzu Trooper>> Engines>> Electric equipment and major repairs of engines>> Major repairs of engines>> Pistons and rods Pistons and rods

Arrangement of piston rings (on 4-cylinder engines)

1 – bottom компрессионное a ring

2 – ориентационная a piston label (it is directed forward)

3 – top компрессионное a ring

4 – the top radial dilator маслосъемного rings

5 – an axial dilator

6 – the bottom radial dilator маслосъемного rings

Arrangement of piston rings (on 6-cylinder engines)

And – joints маслосъемных rings
In – a joint bottom компрессионного rings
With – dredging on the piston
D – joints маслосъемных rings
Е – a joint top компрессионного rings

Arrangement of piston rings (on diesel engines)

1 – labels of the manufacturer
2 – bottom компрессионное a ring
3 – joints маслосъемных rings
4 – joints маслосъемных rings
5 – top компрессионное a ring

To remove pistons with rods it is recommended only for their replacement. If pistons are removed, necessarily it is necessary to replace piston fingers. At survey of the piston pay attention to presence having chopped off, cracks or traces of the strengthened deterioration. The removed rings should be stored so that at assemblage to establish on former places. Check up the basic sizes of the piston a micrometer. At installation of rings pay attention, that label NPR or TORAHS has been turned upwards. On each piston there is ориентационная a label which is put in the top part of an aperture under a finger. At assemblage this label should be turned forward. Besides, on a body and on a rod cover cylinder number in which the given piston has been established is beaten out. Before removal of a rod and a cover put on these details number of the corresponding cylinder to facilitate assemblage.

Fillet removal on the cylinder

The prevention

This procedure easily выполнима when the engine is removed from the car. If it is possible to remove the pallet without engine removal a fillet it is possible to remove and without engine removal.

1. Remove a head of the cylinders, soaking up and final collectors, the oil pallet and the oil pump (subsection, subsection, subsection, subsection and subsection see).
2. Establish the engine on the stand. The fillet leaves to get the piston in gathering with a rod from the cylinder. Take away the piston in the bottom position, cover with rags and remove a fillet development, without supposing excessive removal of a material.
3. Remove covers шатунных bearings and bearings.
4. Dress on bolts of rods pieces of a rubber hose.
5. Get the piston in gathering with a rod through the top part of the block of cylinders.
The prevention

It is forbidden to make efforts at piston extraction.

If a fillet not to remove, at installation of new rings their breakage is possible.

Orientation of pistons

Orientatsionnaja label on the piston

1 – ориентационная a label which should be turned towards a forward part of the engine.

Labels of mutual orientation of a rod and cover шатунного the bearing

Almost on all pistons are available ориентационные dredging or labels. If labels are absent, before removal of their pistons it is necessary to put. Pistons are established so that ориентационные labels have been turned forward.

Clearing and condition check

1. Remove rings with the help экспандера.
2. Clear flutes of rings the old broken piston ring.
3. Wash out the piston in solvent and remove a deposit and resinous adjournment. It is forbidden to wash out pistons in acids, alkalis and to clean their wire brush.
4. Examine the piston. At detection of strong damages the piston replace.
5. Measure internal diameter of the cylinder in two directions (in parallel and to perpendicularly piston finger), on distance of 64,0 mm from a demountable plane with a head. Then measure diameter of a skirt of the piston in parallel and to perpendicularly piston finger.
6. The difference of diameters of the cylinder and the piston is equal to a backlash between the piston and the cylinder. If the backlash corresponds to norm, or it is slightly less (after расточки than cylinders) it is possible to be limited only хоннингованием cylinders.
7. If a backlash above norm it is necessary to pick up pistons from normal dimensional group, but with diameter corresponding to the top limit.
8. If it is impossible, it is necessary to replace pistons repair, cylinders отхоннинговать or to chisel.
9. If конусность exceeds 0,127 mm, and ovality – 0,076 mm it is recommended to chisel cylinders under the next repair size, and to replace pistons and rings of the corresponding repair size.
10. After all measurements sort pistons.

The prevention

Расточку and хоннингование cylinders it is necessary to carry out in a car-care centre workshop. At insignificant deterioration of the cylinder it is supposed to execute хоннингование directly on the car, without engine removal, however, if it is required расточка and хоннингование under the repair size the engine should be removed and completely to disassemble.

Piston fingers

Installation of a piston finger and lock ring on diesel engines

At full dismantling it is necessary to address especially carefully with the pistons cast from a soft aluminium alloy. It is forbidden to subject to their blows and to clamp in a vice. On a part of engines of considered updatings the finger запрессовывается in the piston, and on a rod has floating landing. For выпрессовки and запрессовки a finger in such engines the special equipment is required, therefore this work is expedient for carrying out in car-care centre workshops.

The prevention

On 4-cylinder engines of all updatings ориентационная a label on the piston (which should be turned forward on a car course) and firm brand ISUZU on a rod should be turned into one party.

Measurement technique of the pistons which have been removed from the car

Measurement of diameter of a skirt of the piston

For measurement конусности the piston on an axis of a piston finger and diameter is measured in the skirt basis.

Diameter of the piston is measured on distance of 19,0 mm below an axis of a piston finger.

These measurements are necessary for backlash check between the piston and the cylinder for definition of the further suitability of the piston.

1. Measure internal diameter of the cylinder telescopic нутромером.
2. Measure diameter of the piston. For check of diameter of the piston and it конусности it is necessary to take a piston finger.
3. The backlash between the piston and the cylinder is defined as a difference of diameters of the cylinder and the piston.
4. Compare a backlash to the tabular data.
5. At check конусности the piston it is necessary to measure its diameter in the skirt basis.
6. If the backlash does not correspond to norm cylinders should be chiseled, and pistons to replace repair.

Selection of new pistons

In spare parts pistons of the repair size which diameter is increased concerning diameter of the standard piston with step of 0,25 mm (0,25, 0,75, 1,00 and 1,5 mm) are delivered.

The cylinder is chiseled and хоннингуется on the picked up pistons. Number of the corresponding cylinder is put on pistons.

Backlash check in a joint of rings

Backlash check in a joint of a piston ring

1. Oil an internal surface of the cylinder for the engine.
2. Push a ring the piston bottom on depth of 25,0 mm concerning a demountable plane under a head of cylinders and measure a backlash щупом.
3. If the backlash is less than norm the ring should be filed надфилем.
4. If a backlash above norm a ring replace.

Installation of rings and backlash check between a wall of a flute and a ring

Installation of the piston by means of the adaptation for compression of rings

Backlash check between a wall of a flute and a ring

1 – a piston ring

2 – щуп

3 – a flute

1. Check up cleanliness of oil channels in piston flutes.
2. Establish a ring and щупом check up a backlash between a wall of a flute and a ring. Щуп should be located between a ring and the bottom wall of a flute.
3. If a backlash above norms the piston replace as at installation of new rings their strengthened deterioration and the raised expense of oil is possible. In spare parts piston rings only are delivered one thickness.
4. Kompressionnye rings are established only with the help экспандера, their breakage otherwise is possible. Place joints of new rings according to an illustration on their packing.