Isuzu Truper - Isuzu Trooper
1. The maintenance instruction
2. Maintenance service
3. Engines
   3.1. Specifications of the engine and adjusting works
   3.2. An electric equipment and major repairs of engines
      3.2.1. An electric equipment of engines
      3.2.2. Major repairs of engines Technical characteristics Instructions on service and engine repair Dismantle and installation of the power unit A cover of a head of cylinders Коромысла and platens коромысел The thermostat A soaking up collector A final collector Турбокомпрессор The conditioner A radiator The fan of system of cooling with a drive from the electric motor The pump of a cooling liquid A head of cylinders Valves and springs Pushers The oil pallet The oil pump An epiploon of a forward cover of a gear belt A chain of a drive of a camshaft and a drive asterisk A forward cover of a gear belt An epiploon of a cranked shaft A gear belt and натяжитель A gear belt and the tension mechanism A drive газораспределительного the mechanism petrol engines A drive газораспределительного the mechanism diesel engines A camshaft Camshaft bearings Pistons and rods Shatunnye bearings Assemblage of shatunno-piston group and installation on the engine Заглушки and a heater картера the engine A back epiploon of a cranked shaft A cranked shaft and radical bearings A flywheel and a gear wreath
   3.3. The diesel engine of 2,8 litres
4. System of decrease in toxicity
5. Fuel system
6. Transmission and a running gear
7. A suspension bracket and a steering
8. Brake system
9. A body
10. A body electric equipment
11. Diagnostics of malfunctions
12. Electroschemes

Isuzu Trooper>> Engines>> Electric equipment and major repairs of engines>> Major repairs of engines>> Shatunnye bearings Shatunnye bearings

Shatunnye bearings demountable, consist of two loose leaves. On engines of some updatings loose leaves of the bearings established in a rod and in a cover of a rod are interchangeable. On some engines in the loose leaf established in a rod, there are lubricant apertures. At installation of loose leaves in a rod and in a cover of their edge act a little, at a tightening of bolts of a cover loose leaves are densely fixed in a place. For fixing on the loose leaf the ledge is provided.

The prevention

It is forbidden to file the sites of loose leaves supporting demountable planes of a rod and шатунной of a cover, demountable planes, and also to enclose under the lining loose leaf.

Loose leaves шатунных bearings

1 – the loose leaf with lubricant apertures and a flute

2 – to combine

3 – the loose leaf without a lubricant aperture and a flute (as a rule, it is established in a rod cover)

Marks шатунных loose leaves

And – 0,125 mm

In – 0,25 mm

WITH – 0,375

The dimensional group of the loose leaf is put in the form of the letter in the specified places.

If on loose leaves there are damages it is necessary to replace them repair. At a satisfactory condition of loose leaves it is necessary to check up a backlash between шатунной a neck. Presence on a surface шатунной necks of development along the edges of the loose leaf follows прошлифовать necks or to replace a cranked shaft.

The prevention

In the presence of deep deterioration шатунных necks it is necessary to replace a cranked shaft, as repolishing of necks will reduce durability of a cranked shaft.

Condition check шатунных bearings and their replacement

Rods should be stored together with covers. At installation be convinced of correct orientation of covers. Adjusting labels on a rod and a cover should be combined and directed to one party.

Backlash definition in шатунных bearings by means of plastic калибровочной a wire "Plastigauge"

In spare parts loose leaves standard and are delivered the repair sizes. The backlash between necks and loose leaves is checked by means of plastic калибровочной a wire which keeps within on шатунную a neck. A range of a measured backlash by means of a wire of 0,025-0,080 mm.


1. Clear шатунные bearings from outside прилегания to a rod and to a cover, and also reciprocal surfaces in rods and шатунных covers. Dry wipe rods and loose leaves of bearings a fabric not leaving pile. Lay on шатунные bearings pieces калибровочной a plastic wire along an axis of a cranked shaft on the centre шатунной necks. Establish a cover of a rod with the loose leaf and tighten nuts of bolts with the set moment. Rotation of a cranked shaft thus is not supposed.
2. Remove the covers, the crushed pieces of a wire not to remove.
3. On the maximum width of the crushed wire define a backlash in шатунном the bearing, having compared to a scale on packing.
4. Compare the received value to the standard. If the backlash exceeds 0,076 mm шатунные it is necessary to replace bearings. If bearings in a satisfactory condition and knocks from outside a cranked shaft it was not marked, bearings can to be changed.
5. At replacement of bearings at first it is recommended to establish new standard loose leaves, and again to check up a backlash in plastic calibre. If the backlash does not correspond to norm establish repair bearings of the nearest dimensional group and again check up a backlash. The dimensional group of loose leaves is stamped on its underside.
The prevention

After assemblage check up axial люфт a rod on a neck of a cranked shaft. If люфт there is less than norm or is absent, the reason is or wrong selection of the loose leaf, or a rod bend.