Isuzu Truper - Isuzu Trooper
1. The maintenance instruction
2. Maintenance service
3. Engines
   3.1. Specifications of the engine and adjusting works
   3.2. An electric equipment and major repairs of engines
   3.3. The diesel engine of 2,8 litres
      3.3.1. Introduction
      3.3.2. Technical characteristics
      3.3.3. Compression check
      3.3.4. The top dead point of the piston № 1 (ВМТ)
      3.3.5. Backlashes of valves
      3.3.6. A cover of a head of cylinders
      3.3.7. A pulley of a cranked shaft
      3.3.8. Casings of a gear belt of a drive of a camshaft
      3.3.9. A gear belt of a drive of a camshaft
      3.3.10. Asterisks of a gear belt, натяжитель and intermediate pulleys
      3.3.11. Коромысла and pushers
      3.3.12. A head of the block of cylinders
      3.3.13. Oil картер
      3.3.14. The oil pump
      3.3.15. An oil radiator
      3.3.16. Epiploons of a camshaft and a cranked shaft
      3.3.17. A flywheel
      3.3.18. Fastenings of the engine / of a transmission
4. System of decrease in toxicity
5. Fuel system
6. Transmission and a running gear
7. A suspension bracket and a steering
8. Brake system
9. A body
10. A body electric equipment
11. Diagnostics of malfunctions
12. Electroschemes

Isuzu Trooper>> Engines>> The diesel engine of 2,8 litres>> Technical characteristics

3.3.2. Technical characteristics

The engine four-cylinder, рядный, with distributive shaft of the top arrangement and water cooling.

Code двигателя*
Diameter of the cylinder
93 mm
Piston stroke
102 mm
Engine volume
2772 sm3
Operating procedure of cylinders
1–3–4–2 (the cylinder №1 is located from outside a pulley of a cranked shaft)
Direction of rotation of a cranked shaft
Clockwise (if to take a detached view a forward part of the engine)
Compression factor

* The engine code represents first five figures of number of the engine.

Backlashes of valves

Inlet and final valves at the cold engine
0,4 mm
Коромысла and pushers:
  – Diameter of an axis коромысел
18,900 – 19,000 mm
  – Internal diameter of an aperture коромысла
19,036 – 19,100 mm
  – An axial backlash коромысла
0,01 – 0,20 mm
  – An axis deviation коромысел
No more than 0,3 mm
  – A pusher deviation
No more than 0,3 mm

System of greasing of the engine

Type of the oil pump
Receives a drive from a gear wheel
The minimum admissible pressure idling (the engine разогрет to working temperature, oil temperature at least 80 )
1,0 bar
Backlashes of the oil pump:
  – A backlash between teeths of gear wheels and the pump case
0,14 – 0,20 mm
  – A backlash between a lateral surface of a gear wheel and the pump case
0,06 – 0,15 mm
  – An axial backlash of a leading shaft
0,04 – 0,20 mm
  – A backlash between a conducted gear wheel and leading shaft
0,05 – 0,15 mm

The moments of inhalings of carving connections, Н.м.

Bolts of a clamp of an epiploon of a camshaft
Bolts of an asterisk of a camshaft:
  – A bolt, крепящий the plug to a camshaft
  – Bolts, крепящие an asterisk to the plug
Bolt of a cover of a rod
Bolts of a pulley of a cranked shaft:
  – A bolt, крепящий the plug to a cranked shaft
  – Bolts, крепящие a pulley to the plug
Bolts of an assembly plate of the block of cylinders
Head bolts цилиндров*:
  – A step 1
  – A step 2
Tighten for 60
  – A step 3
Tighten for 60
Nuts of a cover of a head of cylinders
Bolts, крепящие the engine to a transmission:
  – Bolts М12
  – Bolts М10
Flywheel bolts
Nut of an asterisk of the fuel pump
Bolts of a cover of radical bearings
Oil radiator:
  – Fixing bolts and nuts of the case of a radiator
  – The central bolt
Bolts of the oil pump:
  – Fixing bolts
  – Bolts of a cover and the mesh filter
Nut of connection of a final branch pipe
Bolts of a basic rack of an axis коромысел
Контргайкаи a nut of the adjusting screw of valves
Fixing bolts oil картера:
  – Bolts of the top part oil картера
  – Bolts of the bottom part
Bolts of a back guard of a gear belt
Bolts of a cover of a gear belt
Pulley bolt натяжителя a gear belt

* It is necessary to use new bolts.