Isuzu Truper - Isuzu Trooper
1. The maintenance instruction
2. Maintenance service
3. Engines
4. System of decrease in toxicity
5. Fuel system
6. Transmission and a running gear
   6.1. A manual transmission
   6.2. Automatic transmission
   6.3. A running gear
      6.3.1. Forward карданный a shaft, semiaxes and SHRUS
      6.3.2. An internal SHRUS
      6.3.3. Removal and installation forward карданного a shaft
      6.3.4. Dismantling карданных hinges
      6.3.5. Back карданный a shaft
      6.3.6. An average support
      6.3.7. The back bridge
      6.3.8. The forward leading bridge Details of the forward leading bridge A reducer epiploon A nave with manual blocking of a drive of a forward driving wheel A self-blocked nave A reducer of the forward bridge Removal and installation of the forward bridge
7. A suspension bracket and a steering
8. Brake system
9. A body
10. A body electric equipment
11. Diagnostics of malfunctions
12. Electroschemes

Isuzu Trooper>> Transmission and running gear>> Running gear>> The forward leading bridge

6.3.8. The forward leading bridge Details of the forward leading bridge SEMIAXES

1. Lift the car and establish on supports.
2. Disconnect forward карданный a shaft from a leading gear wheel of the main transfer.
3. Remove forward wheels and a towing frame.
4. Completely unload торсион, having turned away bolts of adjustment of a road clearance.
5. Remove bars of racks of a forward suspension bracket.
6. Disconnect draughts of the stabilizer from the bottom levers.
7. Remove supports of disk brakes, adhere their wire to a frame, a highway of a hydrodrive of brakes not to disconnect.
8. Disconnect hinges of helmsmen реек.
9. Remove the top levers of a suspension bracket, pay attention to quantity of adjusting washers of levers and their arrangement.
10. Disconnect steering draughts from the bottom levers.
11. Disconnect from the bottom levers shock-absorbers.
12. Disconnect the bottom levers of a suspension bracket from a frame.
13. Remove a nave of a wheel with the blocking mechanism.
14. Remove disks and the top draughts.
15. Remove steering сошку and the pendular lever in gathering with draughts.
16. Cautiously lower картер differential, without having damaged thus hinges.
17. Merge from картера oil, turn away 4 bolts of fastening of flanges of cases of semiaxes to картеру differential.
18. Get semiaxes.



1. Lift the car and establish on supports. Remove wheels.
2. Remove полуось.
3. Get an epiploon from a bridge beam.
4. Check up a surface condition under an epiploon on a beam of the bridge and a condensed surface of a semiaxis. Clear these surfaces.
5. Запрессуйте a new epiploon a working edge inside.


It is carried out upside-down, before semiaxis installation grease a working edge of an epiploon. Check up oil level.



1. Lift the car and establish on supports.
2. Get полуось.
3. Turn away a nut of a semiaxis and remove контрящую a washer.
4. Remove from a semiaxis the holder of the bearing, the bearing and an epiploon.


It is carried out upside-down. Replace an epiploon and a washer. Tighten a nut with the moment 250–320 Н.м.


Details of a forward wheel (cars Amigo/MU/Jazz, Rodeo/Passport and Trooper/Bighorn with the wheel formula 4х2)

1 – a bolt
2 – a brake support
3 – a bolt
4 – a cap
5 – контрящая a washer
6 – a nave nut
7 – a nave with a disk
8 – the external bearing
9 – an epiploon
10 – the internal bearing
11 – a bolt
12 – a hairpin of fastening of a wheel


1. Translate a control lever a distributing box in position 2Н. Lift the car and establish on supports.
2. Remove a nave cap.
3. Remove from a pin a lock ring and a package of washers.
4. Remove the case of a nave and контрящую a washer.
5. Remove the external bearing of a nave.
6. Brass or wooden оправкой beat out the internal bearing together with an epiploon, the epiploon is subject to replacement.
7. Wash out all details.
8. Check up a condition of details, presence on them of cracks. Put in bearings high-temperature greasing, surplus of greasing remove. Grease a nave (approximately 2 г greasings).


1. Slightly grease a pin.
2. Insert the internal bearing into a nave, establish a new epiploon and a lock ring.
3. Establish a nave on a pin, insert the external bearing.
4. Wrap a nut.
5. Tighten a nut, turning a nave so that the nave still could be turned by hand.
6. Turn a wheel on 2–3 turns and release a nut so that the nut could turn away by hand.
7. Tighten a nut by hand that has disappeared люфт in bearings.
8. Dress on a nut key (рожковый a key with two pins) a dynamometer and check up the effort necessary for проворачивания of a nave which should be within 10–16 N.Ubedites that колодки do not touch a disk. If necessary tighten a nut before reception of the necessary effort.
9. Tighten bolts of a cap of a nave with the moment 20 Н.м.