Isuzu Truper - Isuzu Trooper
1. The maintenance instruction
2. Maintenance service
3. Engines
4. System of decrease in toxicity
5. Fuel system
6. Transmission and a running gear
7. A suspension bracket and a steering
   7.1. A forward suspension bracket
      7.1.1. Торсион
      7.1.2. Shock-absorbers of a forward suspension bracket
      7.1.3. The top spherical support
      7.1.4. The bottom spherical support
      7.1.5. The stabilizer
      7.1.6. Bars of racks
      7.1.7. The top levers of a suspension bracket
      7.1.8. The bottom levers of a suspension bracket
      7.1.9. A pin
      7.1.10. Naves of forward wheels
   7.2. Corners of installation of wheels
   7.3. A back suspension bracket
   7.4. A steering
8. Brake system
9. A body
10. A body electric equipment
11. Diagnostics of malfunctions
12. Electroschemes

Isuzu Trooper>> Suspension bracket and steering>> Forward suspension bracket>> Bars of racks

7.1.6. Bars of racks



1. Lift the car and establish on supports.
2. Remove a cross-section bar.
3. Turn away a counternut and a nut from the rack termination.
4. Turn away bolts of fastening of a rack to the bottom lever and remove a rack.


1. Wrap bolts and nuts of fastening of a rack.
2. Tighten nuts And and In before reception of the necessary size.
3. On cars with the formula 4х2 the nut And is tightened with the moment 78–98 Н.м., the size С=30,5–32,5 mm.
4. On cars with the formula 4х4 the nut And is tightened with the moment 20 Н.м, a nut In – with the moment 55–81 Н.м., the size С=36,0–38,0 mm.
5. Tighten counternuts with the moment 108 Н.м.
6. Establish wheels and lower the car.