Isuzu Truper - Isuzu Trooper
1. The maintenance instruction
2. Maintenance service
3. Engines
4. System of decrease in toxicity
5. Fuel system
6. Transmission and a running gear
7. A suspension bracket and a steering
8. Brake system
   8.1. Adjustment of drum-type brakes
   8.2. A pedal
   8.3. The switch of a signal of braking
   8.4. The main cylinder of brakes
   8.5. The vacuum amplifier of brakes
   8.6. Dosing out valves
   8.7. Hoses of brakes
   8.8. Removal of air from a hydrodrive of brakes
   8.9. Disk brakes
   8.10. A brake support
   8.11. A brake disk
   8.12. Drum-type brakes
   8.13. Antiblocking system of brakes of back wheels
   8.14. Specifications of brakes
9. A body
10. A body electric equipment
11. Diagnostics of malfunctions
12. Electroschemes

Isuzu Trooper>> Brake system>> The vacuum amplifier of brakes

8.5. The vacuum amplifier of brakes

Removal ваккумного the amplifier of brakes

1 – a collar of a vacuum hose
2 – a vacuum hose
3 – a hydrodrive tube
4 – a returnable spring of a pedal
5 – a lock ring
6 – an axis of a plug of a rod of the amplifier
7 – the amplifier of brakes and the main cylinder

Measurement выступания a pusher over the amplifier case

Adjustment выступания a pusher


1. Disconnect the battery from weight. Block wheels and put the car on a manual brake.
2. Disconnect a vacuum hose from the amplifier of brakes.
3. Disconnect and muffle hydrodrive tubes on the main cylinder. Spread rags under the main cylinder.
4. In salon расшплинтуйте an axis of a plug also disconnect a plug with a rod from a brake pedal.
5. Turn away a nut of fastening of the amplifier to a partition of a motor compartment and remove the amplifier in gathering with the main cylinder.


1. Check up size выступания an amplifier pusher over a plane of the case which should be within 18,0–18,2 mm.
2. For measurement выступания a pusher it is recommended to use the special adaptation.
3. Installation is carried out upside-down. Nuts of the vacuum amplifier tighten with the moment 17 Н.м., the union of tubes – with the moment 15 Н.м.
4. Remove air from the main cylinder and a hydrodrive of brakes.