Isuzu Trooper>> the Body

9. A body

9.1. Doors

Door loops on car Amigo/MU/Jazz

1 – the top door loop

2 – the bottom door loop

Car Rodeo/Passport door

1 – a socket of wires

2 – the terminator of opening of a door

3 – bolts of door loops

4 – a door

The prevention

Before removal or door adjustment lower glass.


1. If the door is equipped стеклоподъемником or built in динамиками it is necessary to remove the internal panel and to disconnect wires.
2. Completely open a door, prop up a jack through rags or wooden брусок (it is desirable to work with the assistant).
3. To disconnect a lock clamp.
4. Beat out the door terminator. Substitute under the terminator wooden брусок not to bend at выбивании.
5. Turn away bolts of fastening of door loops from outside doors.
6. Cautiously remove a door from loops.


1. Grease loops, bolts of loops, carving apertures and the terminator консистентной with greasing.
2. Will hang out a door, having rested against a jack, and combine with veils.
3. Wrap bolts from outside doors, but not to the full. In the course of installation of a door bolts not to tighten.
4. Clean a jack and cautiously close a door, having checked up combination with an aperture, a door not to slam. As a rule, at door installation adjustment is required.
5. Open a door, ослабьте bolts and adjust a door so that it has turned out about an identical backlash on all perimetre of an aperture. The backlash should be as much as possible.

The prevention

For door adjustment it is possible to release bolts of loops both from outside doors, and from outside bodies. For adjustment of position of a clamp of the lock it is possible to enclose plates.

6. After adjustment tighten bolts from outside doors with the moment 22–29 Н.м.
7. Adjust position of a clamp of the lock.
8. For this purpose ослабьте screws also adjust clamp position by easy blows of a plastic hammer. The clamp should settle down in parallel a lock rotor. Concerning a rotor it can be necessary for exact adjustment of a clamp to establish one-two linings.
9. Tighten bolts of a clamp with the moment 12 Н.м.